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Fix for Five

Fix for Five gives you the option to fix your energy prices at the beginning of a new contract for up to 5 years. Prices are based on how much gas you are expected to use for each month during your contract.


Fixed rates make budgeting easier


 No need for a dedicated energy manager


 A price is agreed for a unit of energy (p/kWh)


 Option to use an easy Direct Debit payment method, saving you money


Business EnergyPlus

Business EnergyPlus is a collection of initiatives exclusive to Total Gas & Power customers, designed to help businesses make substantial savings using basic energy conservation measures, often implemented at little or no cost.

Adopting this smarter approach will help your business to improve profitability and sustainability, comply with environmental standards and regulation, enhance your business’s reputation and credibility and help you to engage in a positive way with customers and employees.

1. Gas Automated Meter Reading

Automated Meter Reading helps you to budget by ensuring that you are only billed for what you use. This avoids the overcharging and nasty surprises that you sometimes get with estimated readings. Larger energy users can even check their usage online.

2. Energy Health Check

When you switch to Total Gas & Power we give you a free telephone consultation. This will benchmark your energy usage against other similar businesses and give you an indication of potential energy saving measures. Plus you get practical advice on implementing these measures and reducing your costs.

3. Energy Efficiency Telephone Helpline

Following your initial Energy Health Check you can call on our energy efficiency experts for advice. We’ll advise you on energy saving opportunities for your business and provide practical steps to help keep your costs as low as possible.

4. E-newsletter

We help you to stay in touch with energy market trends and energy saving ideas with our e-newsletter, sent three times a year.

With Business EnergyPlus, customers can also fix energy prices for up to 5 years with Fix for Five. Speak to us today to discover how Business EnergyPlus can help you take the first steps towards greater efficiency and lower costs.

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Dual Fuel £100 Cashback

Transfer both your gas and electricity supply to Total Gas & Power and receive a £100 credit!  Alternatively, if you are already one of our many satisfied gas customers, you will receive £100 cash back when you enter into a contract with Total Gas & Power for your electricity too.

The cost of running a business is rising, so in this tough economic climate Total Gas & Power is offering competitive prices to help our customers manage their utility spending in the most effective way. Regardless of the type of business you run, our contracts can be tailored to suit your requirements and with £100 credited to your account*, what better way to start?

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